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Danvers Youth Soccer Association is required to use the State’s ADULT & CORI REGISTRATION PROCESS to provide a safe environment for our players in conjunction with the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (“MYSA”). This is a mandatory ADULT REGISTRATION under Massachusetts law for our organization. 


DYS require you to cooperate with both the Registrar and the Compliance Officer (a/k/a “CORI Submitter”) to ensure full compliance with this process.  Your failure to comply prevents DYS from allowing you to participate in our program. 


DYS is required to submit new ADULT REGISTRATION for all new coaches, assistant coaches, and team managers and for any volunteers whose background check is about to expire.

Volunteers should follow the steps below:


Starting Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 Adult Registrations, there are only two ways to register: 

  1. New User: this is any Adult that has not completed a previous Adult Registration using the Affinity ShareView system regardless of their CORI Clearance Expiration Date.
  2. Returning User: this is any Adult that completed a Fall 2015 -Spring 2016 Adult Registration with Mass Youth Soccer using the Affinity ShareView system. 

Please stress the following points to your members that when completing their Adult Registration: 

  1. A recent color head shot photo of just themselves must be uploaded as this will be used for the printing of Credentials.
  2. Registrants must use full LEGAL first and last name.
  3. Registrants should choose ALL organizations they will be volunteering/coaching for Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 Soccer year.
Log into the MYSA Adult & Cori Registration Portal =
http://www.mayouthsoccer.org/members/adult_registration - Note: The 'Name of Organization' is Danvers Youth Soccer Association
CORI Submission Requests:

All members should complete the required Adult Registration and CORI Request as soon as possible to avoid delays in processing before a season startup.

CORI Requests can only be processed if the requesting Adult has a current Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association Adult Registration.  After an adult has completed the registration process they will receive a "Thank you for registering" email from noreply@sportsaffinity.com containing the link to complete the second step, which is the required CORI Request. 


Once all the steps above are completed: Send a copy of your driver's license (just the front is fine) & Criminal Offender Record (CORI) Acknowledgement Form (received once you complete all the steps with MYSA) -

  1. Scan/Email email to DYS Director of Safety & Compliance
  2. Or Mail to DYS Director of Safety & Compliance, PO Box 428 Danvers MA 01923